Our luxury accommodation is close to Pieusse, Limoux and the beautiful Corbières


Luxury accommodation close to Limoux in hte CorbièresThe peaceful sanctuary of Pieusse in rural Languedoc is ideally situated for those who wish to explore more of this stunning region. And the luxury accommodation at Maison Laurent is only minutes away. From the fabulous long stretch of sandy Mediterranean beaches to the impressive rugged hills of the Corbières and mountains of the Pyrénées and the undulating landscape of vineyards to the ancient castles of the Cathar Trail, the Languedoc-Roussillon area has so much to offer.

The area around the luxury accommodation offered by Maison Laurent has something for everyone. An ideal place to start your holiday would be the market town of Limoux, just 2 kilometres away. Limoux has retained much of its rural charm and a visit to one of the many cafés in the Place de la Republic to enjoy a coffee or perhaps a glass of excellent Blanquette de Limoux sparkling wine is a great way to unwind and soak up the atmosphere of this part of the south of France.

Throughout the year there are regular events organised, and one of the highlights worth noting is the longest carnival in the world which takes place annually between January and April. The “fecos” as it is known is a lively colourful event with parades and music and attracts crowds of local people and tourists each weekend to see the different troupes of costumed dancers follow the brass band around the town centre.

Pieusse lies at the centre of three of the Aude’s finest wine making areas so makes the luxury accommodation at Maison Laurent an ideal base for wine tours. Nearby Limoux is justifiably famous for Blanquette de Limoux sparkling wine. According to legend, Blanquette de Limoux was the world's first sparkling wine, dating as far back as 1531. Apparently, Dom Perignon passed through this valley in the south of France on his way north from Spain, chanced on the abbey, stole the technique and passed it off as his own to the nobles of Champagne! The Abbey of St Hilaire is well worth a visit and there are several surrounding Corbières vineyards and cellars to enjoy a “degustation” or tasting. As well as sparkling , you will find crisp whites and fruity reds from Limoux and nearby Malepère and luxurious full-bodied reds from the neighbouring Corbières. If you fancy touring the vineyards but don’t want to drive we also work closely with Wendy Gedney of Vin en Vacances who offers superb informal but very informative wine tours with pickups from our door.

Another highlight of the year must be the Toques et Clochers wine festival held in March or April. Organised by Sieur d’Arques, one of the largest wine producers in the area, this is now a prestigious event attracting buyers from all over the world. “Toques & Clochers” puts up for auction the most promising barrels of wine and a share of the proceeds are then used to finance the renovation of bell towers (clochers) in surrounding villages. Every year the auction is hosted by one of France’s great chefs popularly referred to as a “Toques”, the traditional white chef’s hat. The festival is two days of wine tasting, food and musical entertainment. Why not join us for this special weekend?

If you are seeking culture and history, the luxury bed and breakfast at Maison Laurent is conveniently situated in the heart of the Pays Cathare or "Land of the Cathars". A turbulent period of religious fighting and crusades in this part of the south of France has left a reminder of these romantic and poignant times in the ruins of the many castles. A few, such as Carcassonne, have been restored, but if you want to see what castles looked like in the Cathar period, you need go no further than our village of Pieusse.  Although you will find it in no tourist literature, the “donjon” or keep is the most representative “Cathar Castle” still standing and a more complete version of the sort of chateau that you will find in the ruins at Montaillou. 

One of the highlights of any trip to the region must be the old medieval walled town of Carcassonne, southern France’s most visited monument, just twenty minutes from our luxury B&B. Your first view of the citadel of Carcassonne is likely to be a memorable one, rising above the grassy banks of the river Aude.

A perfect way to enjoy a day is walking, cycling or boating along the nearby Canal du Midi. The oldest working canal in the world, it links the Mediterranean and the Atlantic through its many locks, aqueducts, bridges and tunnels and is one of the most remarkable feats of civil engineering in modern times.


Needless to say for the more energetic there are sports and activities galore. Walking, cycling, horse riding, sailing, kayaking ....the list goes on! Or you can just chill and relax in the gardens or by the pool at Maison Laurent....


To find out more about what there is to do and see close to our luxury accommodation - in Limoux, the Corbières and beyond, CLICK HERE >


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